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Pinterest Tuesday 12/4

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I love Pinterest, and I am sure you do too.  There are always things I pin that I want to try, but never really find the time.  I especially want to try the homemade cleaning supplies, and see if they are miraculous as claimed.

I decided to that if I force myself to write about the projects I will actually attempt them.  So here is my first post about Pinterest Tuesdays, I will start by posting the first Tuesday of the month.  I will only do it once a month at first to give me some time to try the project and write about it.

I saw this pin:

Source: onegoodthingbyjillee.com via Dawn Marie on Pinterest

It said the “miracle of baking soda” and the blog it was linked to calls it a “Kitchen Miracle Cleaner” so I thought it would be perfect for my crockpot.  After cooking some higher fatty roasts it gets a ring around it from where the top of the liquid was.


I added enough peroxide to the baking soda to make a paste.  The mixture is watery at first but the baking soda will absorb it if you let it sit and thicken up.

The reaction of hydrogen peroxide with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) produces carbon dioxide, sodium hydroxide and carboinc acid.

Sodium hydroxide (a.k.a. lye) is a caustic soda (and is basic) and is commonly used as a detergent because it can dissolve fats, grease, oil and proteins.  So it worked great on my yucky ring around my crockpot.

Can’t wait till I find something else to clean with this cleaning paste.

Happy Pinning!







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