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Walk a mile in my shoes….

…and you will have walked a mile.  And you will be wearing my shoes.

Takeing the Stairs

I wrote this post a while ago about how I am going to start taking the stairs.

On that day I took 4,471 steps, which was 1.81 miles.

Since then I have kept track of 14 other days.  (I really only do it while at work and there was a few days in there that I was sick and didn’t take the stairs.)

Not including the first day, I have walked a total of 36,682 steps.  Which calculates to 14.92 miles, which is about a mile a day.  (calculation from steps to miles was from my iPod, so it is really an estimate)

It is still not easy to walk up six flights of stairs but it is getting easier.

The stairs

Happy walking



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Today I will take the stairs

So I have decided I am out of shape.

Not the ‘oh-my-god-I-am-so-fat’-so-you-pay-me-a-compliment-out-of-shape but the I-can’t-walk-up-a-flight-of-stairs-with-out-being-winded-out-of-shape.

And yes I know I just recently had a baby, five months ago.  And that is not what I am talking about either, remember 9 months on, 9 months off.

I just am not as active as I once was and it is starting to show.  I work on the sixth floor and I usually have to park on the second floor of a three floor parking garage, so this is ample opportunity to take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Plus I have to go down to third floor, and back, twice a day for lactation time.  Which means more stair time!

To make sure I am walking as much as I can during the day I have decided to make use of the Nike Fit app on my iPod Nano.

imageI took the stairs, six flights!  Maybe that was over-kill on my first day, but I did it.  I feel that I probably should have burned more than 13 calories!  OK, so it took me a while to walk from my car to my desk, and to the break room and back to my desk.  I was going a little slowly up those six flights of stairs.

HOLY COW were my legs burning at the top.  Which confirms my theory, that I am out of shape.

So from now on, I vow to take the stairs when possible.  I will also be keeping track of my steps, and hopefully it won’t take me almost 20 minutes to get to my desk in the morning.  I will also be taking ‘walking breaks’ while at work.

As you, my readers, love to hear all about my life, I will be sharing this journey with you as well.  Every single step of it.

Happy Walking