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Running Log ~ July 21st ~ lead feet

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Lead Feet and Injuries

The heat, the humidity and the allergies have been hitting me pretty hard this summer and my runs have been getting slower.

The last week in June I started running early in the morning at the gym on the treadmill. It was horrible, but at least I was running, because when it was already 70° at 6 a.m. there was no way I was running outside that day.


But I had a virtual race and a long rung scheduled just before the July 4th holiday and didn’t want to do 8 miles on the treadmill.

So I got up early and hit the road, I picked a route next to the river for some cool air.

But my feet felt like lead weights.  It was still too hot, my allergies was making it hard to breathe.  It was the slowest run I had done in forever.

And I say that like I have been running forever…when really I started running again only a year and a half ago, and hadn’t run more than 8 miles before Aug of last year.

So I got my run done, and I was so disappointed in myself, but decided that I needed to get back to the gym and start using the treadmill again.  This way I can set my pace, turn a movie on and just keep going.

After the holiday we went on our friends boat and slammed my knee on the fishing pole rack.  I didn’t think it was that hard, it didn’t hurt, and I didn’t think anything of it.  Then I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in my knee.

I couldn’t keep it bent for more than a minute, two at the most.  If I hyperextended my leg it was equally painful, so when sleeping and stretching my leg I would wake in pain.

I couldn’t go up or down stairs, I couldn’t sit, and it was painful standing from a sitting position. I couldn’t drive without something propping my foot up (it was my left knee and I have an automatic). My leg at a 90° angle brought swear words flowing out of my mouth.

At first I didn’t realize what happened, how I hurt myself, but then I figured I must have bruised my kneecap (patella) when I hit the fishing pole rack.  I don’t know if you have ever bruised a bone, but it isn’t sunshine and daisy’s.  Walking was fine as long as I didn’t bend my leg too much, but running was out of the question.

That’s OK. I can rest an injury, as long as it isn’t too long…

Two weeks go by with no running and I can finally sit with my leg bent for longer than a few minutes.  I can do stairs, my knee still hurts, but it is healing.  I think I am finally safe to try running again…when I hurt my back and my allergies might really be a cold (but don’t tell anyone, cause I don’t actually get ‘colds’).



this too shall pass.

But I am feeling slightly depressed about not running. Okay, I am feeling really depressed about not running.  I am tired and I am grouchy. So this week is also going to be a rest week, and next week I will come back with a vengeance.

Going for a run is like having a cup of coffee... I'm much nicer after I've had one.

But there is good news in here too.


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Just. Keep. Running.

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