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Running Log ~ June 17th

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I am a little behind in my writing.  In fact I have a few races I need to share, and you know what the hold up is?  It’s the pictures.  I keep losing my patience with my computer and shutting it down and not finishing the editing of my pictures.  That’s pretty lame huh?

But anyway…

I decided to sign up for a marathon training plan through Another Mother Runner.  It is an 18 week plan and at the end we get a shirt and a medal, with lots of support along the way.  Currently I am on week three.  Not only does the plan have the scheduled long runs but it also has scheduled speed work, which I wouldn’t do on my own.

It times perfectly with the Portland Marathon in October, which I have not yet signed up for.  The price went up and so I need to save some more money before I can sign up…(hope there are still spots left)


The first week of the training plan was awesome.  I was scheduled to run 19.5 miles and got 22.8 in! woohoo!

The second week, was not as awesome. I missed a run and instead of the 23.5 miles I only got 19.7 miles in.  I was almost afraid I wasn’t going to get that many. I went to the gym to run 6 miles of negative splits but had to get off to refill my water somewhere around 3 miles, the treadmill reset itself before I got back.  I had no idea how far or how long I ran.  I was supposed to run 10 miles Sat morning but I set my alarm for the wrong day and woke up late, so I only got six miles in, but at least they were negative split miles.  I was finally able to do my long run on Sunday morning, but it was so slow! but at least I got it done.


I usually do a long run on the weekend and short runs at work, but with summer here I can’t run at work now, it is just too hot.  It is really hard to find the time during the week to get the miles outside with out the heat.

The hardest part about the training is cross-training and/or strength training.  I can barely find the time to run, let alone time for other things like weights.

I have signed up for four races prior to the marathon and decided that I will not sign up for any more until after.  I have a 10k in July, a 7k in August, a half marathon and a relay with a total of 10-12 miles in September.  Ian has a 1k race at the end of June, which I will have to run with him, but I think I can manage that.



Just. Keep. Running.

Just a reminder that with my running I am raising money for St. Jude’s Hospital, click on the picture below to donate.

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C25K interval information can be found here

AMR is currently starting a #FindYourStrong Half Marathon Challenge too click here to sign up

Want to find out what races I’ll be doing next year?  Check out my list.

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