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Menu Plan Monday Jan 26th

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Oops….I almost didn’t get this posted.  I planned it my meals, wrote the post and forgot to schedule it….

I feel like the weekend came and went so quickly.  Last Friday my mom decided to take us out to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory.  She had the boys for the day, like she does every Friday, so I met her and my sister & sister’s family there for dinner.

Sid was on fire that night.  He was being so funny, had us cracking up.

Ice cream comes with dinner and he wanted vanilla.  After a few bites he stuck his spoon in and the whole ball of ice cream came up on the spoon and then fell on to the table.  So, naturally he picked up with his hand, had a few bites and put the rest in the to-go box.





Menu Plan 1/26-2/1

Mon: Tacos

Tues: Green Beans, Chicken & Potatoes

Wed: Baked Ziti with Italian Sausage 

Thr: Slow Cooker Chicken & Sausage (without the sausage)

Fri: Leftovers

Sat: Kitchen is closed

Sun: Superbowl!  Easy Cheeseburger Wraps


Happy Cooking

Dawn Marie



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