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Running Log ~ Aug 12th

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Sorry, another running post, when I know you were looking for something crafty.

I haven’t had time for new crafts, but I keep trying to run.  Because you can all see the countdown on the side bar.  My big race is coming soon!

My cousin and I made a big leap on Saturday morning.  We ran 10 miles.

Yep I said.  10 miles.

OK.  I didn’t really run all ten miles, but I completed 10 miles. And that’s just as good.

Here’s how it went:

D wanted to run on Sat morning with another of her running friends A (who brought H with her).  D wanted to meet at 6, that’s six in the morning.  I got it all worked out for who had kid duty so I could make the run.  Then she says let’s meet at 5:30 so she could go to dragon boat practice downtown at 9 a.m.  I know, she’s crazy!

But I agreed to meet at 5:30.  Who’s crazy now?

get up lady!

We all met and started our run.  Since I don’t have Sid and his stroller with me I had to put my water and snack in a little back pack (not the best idea).  There was no way I could do 9-10 miles on 16 ounces of water.  I was happy I had all the water, but later in the day my back hurt.

At first I’m running along at pace with them when I realize I am running too fast.  And by too fast, I do mean too fast for me.  Since my lung sickness I can’t run faster than a 12 min/mile or my lungs will explode.

These ladies were running slow for us, but they were probably about a 10 min/mile (or so, I’m just guessing).  The first time I had to slow down and walk to take a drink they politely stopped and waited for me.  I told them, don’t worry I’ll catch up.


At about 4.5 miles we all stopped for a break, because that’s where the rest room was.  After mile 5 I had to stop and clip a toenail because it had cut into the toe next to it and was starting to hurt.

I ended up walking about half of mile six.  I had decided I needed the break and I told myself at mile 7 I would run the remaining three miles.  Because three miles is easy.

The other three ladies stopped at mile 7 for a break and for me to catch up.  At which point D and I told A & H to go on ahead and we would see them back at the cars.

That was the longest three miles of my life.  After about a mile I look up and see the bridge that, not only do we have to get to, but we have to pass.


But I have to make it, because, well that’s where my car is.  So we walked and we ran and we walked and we ran.  We kept putting one foot in front of the other and continued with our forward motion.  And we made it back to our cars.  After we completed the 10 mile distance.  To find A & H waiting for us with coffee.

Yep.  My very first double-digit.


I had thought adding one more mile shouldn’t have been that hard, but it was actually two more miles.  Because last week was only eight miles.  I also realized that I had not run at all from Sunday to Saturday.  That was a huge mistake.  I need to run at least two shorter runs in between these long runs.  My body just isn’t conditioned to wait that long.

We are going to try to do another 10 miler this weekend, then 9 the weekend before the big race.




Just. Keep. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

Dawn Marie


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