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Running Log ~ May 6th

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I haven’t had a lot to say lately on running.

I am running, but not as far as I would like.

You would think with the days getting longer (and by longer I mean more day light time) I would be getting more running in.

But I am not.  In fact, I think I am running less.

I had been getting board running at the gym, but don’t want to run alone outside at night, in the dark.  A couple of times I have tried to run after dropping the kids off, but I can only get 2 miles in before I have to go to work.  And last week, it was only 1.5 miles before I had to go to work.  Which is about 11.6 miles less than a half marathon.

I know what the problem is….it’s work!  If only I didn’t have to work, I would be able to run more.  Or if I had a jogging stroller, I could take the kidos with me.

I have also been having difficulty with the time commitment…

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For me to run any distance, takes about an hour.  And realistically I just don’t have an extra hour in my day, unless I take it out of my sleep time.  But then I am more tired, which makes it hard to run….  But really I am just making excuses, right?

But Sunday night I got four miles in and watched a show on Hulu+ while at the gym.  I am trying to alternate days, so I will try again tonight.

I am going to run a 10k before my half and I sure hope I can finish it….


Just. Keep. Running.

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C25K interval information can be found here

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