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12 Days of Christmas Tradition ~ Day 8

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One of the reasons I love the Christmas holiday is the traditions.

I love reviving old family traditions, and making new ones.  I love remembering fondly the things that I did as a child at Christmas time and the things I couldn’t wait to do again.

As an adult, I get to make sure our family participates in our traditions and make new ones.

This tradition I don’t let my family participate in.  Every year I stay up super late the couple of days before Christmas and wrap presents.


I always think I will start early, and I always think I have plenty of time.

Of course I don’t!

So I stay up late, while everyone is asleep and wrap their presents.  At least I know I am not alone.  Mom’s across the world are doing the same thing.

I was able to squeeze in making these gift tags for the boys.  I didn’t want to write on their gifts from Santa, I don’t want them to eventually recognize my writing.


If you want to download a blank set of these gift tags you can do so here.


Happy Wrapping


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What are your Christmas Traditions?

I would love to hear from you.....

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