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12 Days of Christmas Tradition ~ Day 7

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One of the reasons I love the Christmas holiday is the traditions.

I love reviving old family traditions, and making new ones.  I love remembering fondly the things that I did as a child at Christmas time and the things I couldn’t wait to do again.

As an adult, I get to make sure our family participates in our traditions and make new ones.

When I was little we used to go to a Breakfast with Santa.  We would get dressed up and go downtown to Meier & Frank department store.  (OK, I am gonna be honest and say I don’t really know if that was where it was held, but that’s what I remember.  It might have happened elsewhere and my family will correct me when they read this)

In a gigantic beautifully decorated room we would have breakfast and Santa would show up.  We all took turns getting our pictures with Santa and telling him what we wanted for Christmas.

I don’t really remember the details, but I remember the magic and the joy I felt.

I later found out we stopped doing it because the event deteriorated.  The last year we attended we didn’t get a breakfast, but a box with a PB&J sandwich, or something like that.  Plus the quality of the event was more cheap then magical.  My mom decided it wasn’t worth it anymore.

Last year I decided I had to find a Breakfast with Santa event for us.

I found McMenamins, a local brewery & restaurant, hosts a Santa Breakfast.  I love McMenamins so I thought it would be perfect.  They have many wonderful restaurants around town.


Both last year and this year, I bought tickets too late, so I didn’t get the location I wanted.  The last available location was at the Crystal Ballroom, a magnificent venue for concerts.


It is a buffet breakfast, but a good one because McMenamins has good food.


Santa comes early and you can go up at anytime to talk to him and take pictures.  They don’t have a professional photographer, you just take your own.


Then all the kids run around and have a great time.


I love doing this because the kids don’t have to wait for hours in a line to see Santa.  I will visit Santa this way for as long as I can.



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What are your Christmas Traditions?

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