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Menu Plan Monday Dec. 2


Happy December!

Do you ever feel like the Monday after a long holiday it excruciating?  Ugh! I can’t get anything done!

This was Sid’s first eating Thanksgiving.  He was only a couple of months old last year, so he didn’t try any of the food.  He still won’t eat mashed potatoes, neither will his brother.  What is wrong with my kids?


Now that Thanksgiving is over and everybody is (hopefully) getting over whatever cold/illness they have had.  (all my boys were sick over the holiday, some worse than others)  I can officially start planning all our Christmas events!  Boy is it hard work!

This weeks meals will probably be quick and easy, I am talking casseroles and the crock pot.  I have a lot of shopping/wrapping/things to do!  The next few weeks menus will probably be the same way.  Hopefully this weekend I can get them all planned out so I won’t have to think about them again, until it is time to cook them.

Menu Plan 12/02-12/08

Mon: Take n’ Bake Pizza

Tue: Baked Cheesy Chicken Penne (Chicken will be cooked in the crock pot)

Wed: Sloppy Joe’s with potatoes and Tater Tots 

Thr: Crock Pot Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo (but sub canned soup with homemade cream sauce)

Fri: Leftovers 

Sat: Kitchen is Closed

Sun:  Pork Roast (didn’t make it last week)


Happy Cooking


Need something to help plan your meals?  I use the Plan to Eat online meal planner.  Try it free for 30 days

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Find more recipes at I’m an Organizing Junkie

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday Dec. 2

  1. Just never forget that you have an incredible family, even if they don’t like mashed potatoes. Damn it if they aren’t cute either. Tyler, not so much, but the kids, yeah.

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