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Easter Rolls and Menu Plan Monday 4/1


Happy April’s Fools Day!

I wanted to play a prank on you, but I am not that witty and can’t think of anything that has not been done before, so this is just a boring food post.

You’re welcome.

I was, and usually am, in charge of rolls for Easter Dinner, or any dinner.

This year we, well my sister, decided we should have a full turkey dinner for Easter.  During Thanksgiving time we ended up with 3 turkeys, two of them free.

I saw this pin on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com viaDawn Marie on Pinterest

and thought they were adorable!

The pin says just use a yeast roll recipe, pinch up the ears and poke holes for eyes.

Easy.  Right?


So the link on the pin takes you to someone’s Flickr account and there is just a picture.

To find some directions I Googled ‘Easter bunny rolls’ and found a bread making blog, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes.  What a perfect blog!  I am going to have to go back and search through it, because there is nothing I love more than bread!

Back to the rolls.  They wrote a post about these cute little bunnies, and they claim the above pin is really a COOKIE!

I know! I guess you can’t believe everything to see on the internet…

But I tried anyway, as they also did.


Nailed IT!

However, if you would like to attempt these rolls the people from Bread in 5 give some tips on how to accomplish them.

Menu Plan 4/1-4/7

Mon: Fresh Fish, my husband caught this past weekend, with pasta

Tue: We will be gone

Wed: One-Pot Chicken & Brown Rice

Thr: Sesame Beef

Fri: Pesto Chicken Tortellini Soup (but made with chicken in the soup and cheese tortellini instead)

Sat: Leftovers shall be consumed

Sun: Easy Pork Chops and Rice
Happy Cooking


Need something to help plan your meals?  I use the Plan to Eat online meal planner.  Try it free for 30 days

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Find more recipes at I’m an Organizing Junkie

2 thoughts on “Easter Rolls and Menu Plan Monday 4/1

  1. I bet your rolls still tasted delicious! 😀

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