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OK, it’s been a week…Where have you been?


What a busy week we I have had!

Sometimes I feel pulled in all directions, and I only had to go into work two days last week!

Da Boys

So here is what happened, and why I wasn’t on-line.  (which written out doesn’t seem like that much….oh except I didn’t add all the boring stuff)

Monday (1/7) was my first day back to work.  I made it out of the house about 30 minutes later than I had intended.  Baby Sid had been sleeping about 8 hours for over a month, until the night before I had to start working again.

Work wasn’t that bad, I mostly just caught up with everyone and pumped.  The drive was unpleasant because it was also the first day back to school so there was lots of traffic out there.

Tuesday I still had to wake up super early because I had to play chauffeur to my mom.  A while ago (more than a decade) she had to have one of her kidneys removed because of cancer.  Recently her doctor found some kidney stones and they had to be taken care of due to her having only the one kidney.  It would be very bad if one of the stones caused a blockage in her only kidney.

Instead of actually removing the stones she was having Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) treatment done.  The doctor sends sound waves through your body as you lie on a water cushion to break the stones into smaller more passable pieces.  They used  general  anesthesia so she wasn’t allowed to drive home.

The boys and I took her to have a CT scan, then to the hospital for the procedure.  After getting her all checked in, we went to take care of getting car seat replacements from the accident.

After taking her home I didn’t feel she should be alone, so the boys and I stayed with her overnight.  Luckily I didn’t have to work the next day.

Wednesday was spent at my moms.  Both Monday and Tuesday night Sid decided he didn’t want to sleep so I didn’t get much sleep.  I figured I jinxed his sleep pattern because I told everyone at work how well he slept.

I had to go back to work on Thursday and actually do a little bit of work.  I also had forgotten how much time it takes to pump at work.

Sid slept bad all week!  Sometime because his nose is still stuffy and the humidifier hasn’t been working that great; sometimes because of his stomach (gas problems).  I need to clean my humidifier  which entails vaporizing water that contains vinegar, something I am not looking forward to. Yuck!

So Friday I was just as tired.  I didn’t want to go anywhere but I did get some stuff done at the house.

I spent some time with my mom on Sat and did some major cleaning on Sun.  Yep, I pulled out my fridge and stove to clean behind there, a task I do not enjoy.  And of course Ian is always there to help.

Plus the Husband and I took advantage of the free Showtime weekend to watch the first season of Homeland.  Which meant we made sure to get Ian in bed on time!  We didn’t have time to watch the second season, but we will!

Tomorrow I will have a new post about what I did Monday (1/14) but here is a sneak peek for now…

It's Monday Again


Happy Writing!


4 thoughts on “OK, it’s been a week…Where have you been?

  1. wow, sounds like a busy week! Going back to work is hard! I am intrigued by the picture at the end… what is that contraption??

  2. Wait a minute, are those reusable baby food squeeze pouches? Where did you get those? I need some 🙂

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