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Daily Thanks Day 10

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Today I am thankful for this double chin.

I am thankful not only for the obvious reason of it being a super adorable little face, but also because it means he is getting more than enough nutrition.

At Sid’s two-week check up he had not gotten back to his birth weight.  We had been having some minor breastfeeding issues, but nothing I was concerned about.  My fist son and I had so many nursing problems that I thought this time it was a breeze, comparatively.

Breastfeeding can be difficult and mothers can feel a lot of societal pressure about the ‘ease’ of it.  Even though I had had more than a year of experience we still ran into problems the second time around.  We still have issues but things seem to be a bit better now, and Sid is obviously gaining weight now.

Remember in things like this you can not compare your experience with others, not even with your previous attempts   Each baby is different and will behave differently.

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