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The Days before Halloween

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We were at my sister’s house while she was unloading her groceries which contained a new pumpkin carving kit.  Ian had her open the kit to gain access to the tools, mainly the scoop.  Since he had to leave the scoop at his Tante’s house, I had to promptly go out and buy Ian his own kit.

For about two weeks he would play with his scoop and ask to go to the pumpkin patch and scoop out pumpkin guts.  Of course when we finally did go, he brought his scoop with him.

We went to Liepold Farmsagain this year and once again we lucked out and the rain didn’t come while we were there.   Pumpkin patches are no longer just about picking out a pumpkin, but they have a whole slew of activities for the kids to do.

Ian and his cousins at the pumpkin patch

We finally pulled the kids away from the fun and games to search out their pumpkins.  We looked at multiple pumpkins which Ian kicked and touched and examined.  When I asked if he wanted that one he would say “nope, it too heavy.”  So I pointed out smaller ones, to which he would reply the same.  Until we found his baby pumpkin and he said “yep, dats da one mama.”

Ian picking out his pumpkin

The next weekend we started the carving process at my sister’s house.

Pumpkin carving at Tatne’s House

Baby Sid came to the party, he didn’t participate in the carving fun, but dressed for the occasion.

This was Ian’s first year at participating in the carving process.   He helped scoop out the guts and then helped put the pegs in.  He did a big pumpkin and a baby one.  I had him pick out a stencil for me to carve, which he choose a crow on a gravestone.

Ian and his pumpkins

He also picked out a skeleton Potato Head pumpkin kit.  So at home we had to do it all over again.  He was so happy about this pumpkin that he took it to bed with him.


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