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First off a big Happy Birthday shout out to Madame Curie, granted she passed way in ’66 but her birth should be celebrated.  If you have not heard of her, where have you been? Not only was she important for women scientist but for all of science.  She discovered elements and her work in radioactive isotopes was ground breaking.  She was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in chemistry and the only women to have won it two fields, but also she is the ONLY PERSON to win it in two sciences!

On the day of Curie’s birth I find it fitting to have received some wonderful news.  My undergraduate research has been accepted to the journal Polymer Bulletin!

The reviews stated:

The paper “[title of my paper]”, describes an interesting and original work on the ring-opening polymerization of a Mo-containing monomer to the corresponding metal-containing polymer. The research is reasonably and systematically conducted, the results are sound and properly supported by the experimental data, the presentation is clear and conclusive. Moreover, the information provided by this work is an important contribution to the actual data base existing in this specific area of molybdenum-containing polymers. Taking into account the above considerations, I recommend the publication of this paper in Polymer Bulletin.

“[title of my paper],” by [authors] is an interesting study on thermal ROP of an organometallic complex.  The study is clear and straightforward and the discussion of the results are consistent with the experimental data. My only criticism is that the statement in the Experimental section….[minor changes to sentence structure]

did you see that? my work was an important contribution! makes me feel all warm inside

I of course couldn’t have done it with out the help of my grad-student mentors, or my professor, but boy it sure feels good to see something come together and work out well.  After publication I will probably explain what it is I did, but for now I just need to share the news about my acceptance.

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