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12 Days of Christmas Tradition ~ Day 12

One of the reasons I love the Christmas holiday is the traditions.

I love reviving old family traditions, and making new ones.  I love remembering fondly the things that I did as a child at Christmas time and the things I couldn’t wait to do again.

As an adult, I get to make sure our family participates in our traditions and make new ones.

Our Zoo does a light display that runs from Thanksgiving through the first weekend of the new year.  There is no holiday theme to their display, it is of course about animals. 


Typically we go see the Zoo Lights before Christmas, but that didn’t happen this year.  There wasn’t as much time between the two holidays and Christmas came before I knew it.  There was one week where we had time, but it was wicked cold out and thought of taking the boys out in that weather did not sound fun.


We kept saying ‘if the weather is nice we will do it tomorrow.’  Then tomorrow came, and we had no time.  So we ended up going after Christmas.  It was cold, but it was dry and there was no wind, so it wasn’t that bad.


Sid was mesmerized by the lights and the people.  Ian loved the lights, but was disappointed the animals were not out.  On the way home he said “I only got to saw one monkey. He climbed for me, an stayed up dat one night.”

I love the displays that look like the picture is moving.  You know, the ones where the lights are on a timer and turn off and on down the line.


But my favorite thing about Zoo Lights is that they take in old lights.  They used to use the lights they took in after determining what was wrong with them.  Our zoo now only uses LED lights, but they do recycle lights strings.  If you have lights that don’t work, or tangled, or you just want new ones, take them to the zoo.  Don’t throw them away!




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What are your Christmas Traditions?