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Free Childcare ~ if only for an hour

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Have you ever had one of those “Why the hell didn’t I know about this!” moments?

I just did this past weekend.

Do you have an Ikea store where you live?  Have you ever been there?

I do and I have.  But I have only been there a few time, and I will admit it is not the first place I think of when I need something.

But there was something I specifically wanted from there, so the boys and I went this weekend.

So here is how our Saturday went:

All week I had seen the marquee for our cheap theater, the one that plays movies before they are on video but after they are done playing the big movie theaters, ay “Monsters U 2pm”  I thought perfect!  The boys will eat lunch at one and then we will go to the movie.


So I get closer and see they changed the time to 4:45!  Now what do we do?

Well I needed to go to Ikea and thought about going after the movie, so why not before?

Ikea has a children’s play place called Småland.  It is a supervised play area where parents can drop their kids off to play while they shop!

Image from Ikea

The catch: You have to stay in the store, and you only have an hour.

OK, I understand the first rule, but if you have been to the store you know that you can’t shop there in under an hour.  But if you are an Ikea Family Member you get an extra 30 min!

I have never used this service before, but Ian wanted to go in, so we stood in line.

Yes, there was a line, the store was super busy.

The place was huge!  They had a ball pit, a movie theater, puppet shows, toy kitchen and so much more.  Plus while in line you can see all the other kids having fun in there, through a window.

Ian got to play with a bunch of kids while Sid and I took a peaceful stroll through the showroom.  I got my purchases then went to collect Ian.

He, of course, didn’t want to leave.

We then went to the little food court for a snack (fed us for $4!)

So I ask you, why the hell didn’t I know about this!!?!

If you didn’t know about it, you can thank me later.  But seriously, free play time even if only for an hour, what a bargain!

They only let in a certain number of kids, kids have to be between specific heights and potty trained.  They have multiple staff members and good security measures.  Ours hosts a craft night every Wednesday night.

I might just be making more trips to Ikea in the future.


p.s. we did make it to the movie afterwards


Happy Shopping


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